The bed in the wedding chamber was commissioned to be made by the Fuzhou carpenters.Namwood was used as it was one of the best tropical hardwoods preferred for southern Chinese architecture and funiture.Besides the canopy bed,an inner structure that has drawers to keep precious belongings was built.There is a rich assembly of the most auspicious symbols found all over the bed structure,so that the couple and their off springs may be protected.The most prominent one are of course the Eight Immortals or baxian who adorn the vertical side poles of the bed,sprouting from the vase of Peace.Others include peonies in vase,which symbolise wealth and well-being,magpies and butterflies,which are symbols of love and bats which bring the couple prosperity and happiness.These are found carved,lacquered and gilded in the rectangular panels of the bed.

The decorative silk panel at the top of the bed and the embroidered silk curtains express similar aspirations.Here phoenixes and bats are the main themes on silk panels on top,while the attributes of the Eight Immortals,as well as the Eight Buddhist symbols,fill up the purple damask silk.

Other than the carving and the luscious silks,the bed is decorated in traditional Penang splendour,with huge beaded gee-gaws of fish and flowers together with embroidered tropical fruit-blimbing and starfruit,complimented by the three gilt-silver filigree flower baskets,the badut bienga,which are the quintessential Peranakan Chinese wedding bed ornaments.

Dressing up the wedding bed was an important part of the Peranakan wedding preparations. The bed would be covered in silk embroidered with auspicious motifs such as dragons and phoenixes. Even the pillow and bolster cases were embroidered with gold and silver gilt repouseé plates sewn at the ends. Ornamental silk curtains, lavishly embroidered with silver and gilt threads, sequins and glass beads would also be hung above the entrance of the bed, together with gold or silver curtain hooks and other decorative hangings. Not surprisingly, a bridal bed usually took days to prepare.
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