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There are more wedding candle tips :

-Teacups and saucers do not all have to be from one set, but each saucer should match each cup.

-This arrangement creates a rather small centerpiece, so you may need more than one per table.

-Saucers and teacups can often be purchased inexpensively at flea markets and garage sales, or you may know someone that has several that you can borrow.

-Doilies can be used to “anchor” this arrangement instead of lace.

-Add gold spoons or lace gloves to the arrangement if desired.


Items needed:

Small, medium, and large taper candles

Small, medium, and large candlesticks

Flower petals, glitter, or confetti

You will need six candles and candlesticks for each table. Place candles in candlesticks. Line them up down the center of the table starting with the tallest in the center, then the middle sized, followed by the smallest. The two tallest candles should be spaced approximately four to six inches apart, as should each following candle. Scatter flower petals, glitter or confetti around the bases of the candlesticks.


-Candlesticks do not have to match exactly, but should be similar in style. Crystal or crystal-cut glass candlesticks will help you achieve an elegant look. Gold or silver candlesticks are also very attractive.

-If using glitter or confetti instead of flower petals, choose gold or silver rather than multicolored, in keeping with the understated look.


Items needed:

Small floating candles

Champagne glasses (different sizes and styles)



Puddle about one yard of tulle in the center of the table. Sprinkle it with glitter then twist it and bunch it until you form an attractive shape. Select several different styles and sizes of champagne glasses. Place five different glasses in the center of the table and swirl the tulle near the bottom of each glass. Fill the glasses about three quarters of the way full. Place a floating candle in each glass.


-Rather than filling the champagne glasses with water, try filling them with ginger ale for added effect. Ginger ale mimics the amber color and bubbles of champagne (but costs far less).


Items needed:

Votive candles

Votive holders

Ivy or similar greenery

Flowers or filler (optional)

Put the candles in the holders and place them in a straight line down the length of the center of the table, about four inches apart with the first and last one about four inches from the ends of the table. After you line up the candles, take a length of ivy and weave it through them, alternating back and forth with every other one. Wrap the ends of the ivy around the first and last candleholder and secure into place. Garnish with flowers or baby’s breath, if desired.


-This is a centerpiece that everyone at the table can enjoy.

-You will probably have to join several lengths of ivy together to form a long enough strand.

-You can use real or silk flowers and greenery for this project.

-For round tables, make a line of four or five candles down the center of the table, rather than going from end to end.


Items needed:

Round mirror

Pillar candles in varying heights

Greenery or moss


Place round mirror in the center of the table. Arrange five pillar candles of differing heights closely together on the mirror. Fill the spaces between the candles with greenery or moss. Arrange flowers around the candle bases, tucking a few small ones into the spaces where the candles meet. Scatter a few flower petals if desired.


-When lit, the glow from the candles will reflect nicely in the mirror creating warmth.

-Candles used for this arrangement, although varied in height, should be of uniform circumference, or very close to it.


You can choose white candles or any color that compliments your color scheme, but to keep it tasteful, purchase candles that are all the same color. If your color scheme involves more than one color, use only one color per table.

The type and quality of the candles you choose, will determine how long and how well they will burn. The layout of the room will also affect the candles, depending on the distance from heating and air vents. A good rule of thumb is to have the candles lit as the meal is being served and put them out as the last plate is cleared. Scented candles should not be used where food is being served, but they are great for the gift table, the bar area, restrooms, or at cozy tables near the dance floor to add ambiance.

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